raine27342 (raine27342) wrote in parentsrus,

I'm New

Hi I';m new here and I just found out how to post pics on here and I'm going nuts showing everyone.

Here's Danielle Avril Laraine Heasley
She was born July 8 2003
She is now 14 months and just started walking. She was 9 pounds at birth and you would think she's a big girls but she's not. Your supose to triple your birth weight by the time your a year and she has only barley doubled it.
Here Danielle

Here's Brianna Morgan Joni Heasley
She was born January 16 1999
She 5 years old and just started kindergarden this year. I know she's 5 and all but I still call her my baby. I love her so much. I love both my girls.
Here's Brianna

My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years but only been married for 3
Here we are Raine and Mike Heasley
I'm 24 and he's 29
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