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Baby Questions

I saw this on someone else's post and though it might be fun to post here just to see other people's responses.

Was your baby planned or a surprise? Total surprise. I was on birth control and everything

What is your baby's birthday? How old are they now? 02/22/2004 He's 7 months

Was he/she early, late or on time? Exactly on time, he came on his due date!

Did you know the sex of your baby before he/she was born? Oh yeah, it drove me nuts not to know.

How much did he/she weigh and how long was he/she? 8lbs 0ozs and 21 1/2 inches

How long was your labor? My water broke at 11:30am, and he was delivered at 10:02pm by C-section (even though I was ten centimeters by 8:00 and pushed for an hour and a half.)

Did you have a vaginal birth or a c-section? emergency c-section

If you had a vaginal birth, did you have any pain medications? epidural, couldn't have survived without it (Neither could my husband)

Did your water break on it's own or did it have to be broken? Broke on it's own.

Who was in the delivery room/house with you? Nurses and Hubby until in the OR, then hubby and lots of people in green masks.

If you could, is there anything you would change about your birth experience? nope! All of it, it was a big crazy mess. Except for of course finally meeting our perfect little boy.

Did you have an OB or midwife? OB

What on thing about your baby's birth really sticks out in your mind? Almost dying after bleeding out 2 liters of blood during my c-section.

What one thing to you remember most about your baby when you saw him/her for the first time? What big huge brown eyes he had, and how much he looks like daddy.

After your baby was born, what was the very first thing you ate & drank (if you remember)? Chicken broth, iced tea, and 4 saltine crackers. When I finally got to eat solids again... Big Mac and a Butterfinger McFlurry.
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