preggieshoshana (preggieshoshana) wrote in parentsrus,

First Post!

Hi everyone! This is my first post in this community, courtesy of technocowboy. Although some would not yet consider me a mom due to the fact that the baby's still in the belly, I figured that's good enough. Oh, and I'll take any useful advice and positive comments/stories (I'm sick of hearing about the chances of miscarriage) that you're willing to give. Thanks!
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Congratulations! Yes, you are already a mom so forget those who don't consider you one so there. :)

One thing no one really told me but I had to figure out myself was: Beware of baby-suck-brain. You'll forget your name, where you were going, where you put your keys, why the milk is in the same cupboard as your dishes among other things. :) I swear I will write a book on this someday. ;)

Even though you -can't- store it up, get as much rest and sleep as you can. It really does wonders. :)

People lose their tact when they are around pregnant women and say the stupidest or rudest things. I became a master of responding in such a way that they didn't even realize they were being insulted. ;) Oh, and for some stupid reason, they want to touch your belly too. No one did it to me (good thing or I'd have bitten their hand off) ;)

Those are some quick advice while I'm doing a run-by! Congrats again!
Thanks! Yeah, I've watched that happen since a friend of mine (the one who keeps bringing up miscarriage) just had her baby a few days ago. She seemed to forget everything, including words. We used to just say, "Baby ate the brain!"
congratulations on the pregnancy!!