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Monday, June 14th, 2004
10:49 pm
Has anyone here have used Dr. Brown's bottles? I heard they were excellent to use, so I got those. They also have a really good air filter thingi :)

Second question:

I have an Avent brand sterilizer and warmer.
Any bottle should work with it, no?


Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
6:14 pm
today I am 30 weeks along! yey!
and also, we went to the doctor's today and got 3 new 3d ultrasound photos of dominique!
she looks JUST like mommy :)
the cord was in front of her face AGAIN) - that's why it might be a little blurry (but u can basically see everything).
on the right side, is her leg, ready to take aim and fire!
enjoy :)

by the way - they weighed her... she weighs 3 pounds and 11 oz. now!
She is 17 inches long.. (well.. the shortest in our family is 5'7" and the tallest is 6'1" so naturally she'll be tall!)

My sugar levels are perfect, so she's perfectly fine.. she won't be getting diabetes, which is awesome!
but I did gain 9 lbs. But that's okay... she's not suffering from it. So all's well :) I just have to be on a stricter diet now.. but I'll have plenty to eat, just
a limited of things TO eat.

that's all!

Dominique FaithCollapse )
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
3:31 pm
When me, my sister, and my brother were babies, we had a full length mirror closet doors in our room (and still do....).
It never broke. NEVER. Never had a problem with it. 23 years for me, 22 for my brother, and 15 for my sister. Never broke.
Not even the track. Nothing. No probs.

my husband's father is saying we shouldn't put one into our baby's room.
But... the only time you leave a baby alone in their room is when they're sleeping, u know?
We are going to put the mirror closet door in there anyway.

His father in law keeps telling us it's not a good idea ...
"what if you leave the baby in their room alone?"

um... first of all, I wouldn't leave them alone. Am I crazy? No.
My mother in law even agrees with my husband and I.
(and she has weird ideas too sometimes).

What do you girls think?
Monday, May 3rd, 2004
2:33 pm

Hi there!

I’m a student in Psychology and Education at Penn State, trying to get some early information for a study-to-be.  Right now, I’m just collecting data to get a feel for the kinds of answers I’ll get by using certain questions (so i can set up a good questionairre for the actual study) and anything you’d send to me would be totally confidential.  I’ve set up a survey with some questions about reading motivation in your kids and your reading behaviors at home.  If you have the time, I’d be thrilled to hear from you!  Thank you so much!

PS:  also, i'm sorry if this isn't allowed in this community, i wasn't certain - feel free to delete me if it's not allowed here.


a quick questionairreCollapse )

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, April 25th, 2004
4:39 pm
On Friday I had a 3d ultrasound of Dominique, and I would love to share it with all of you :)
she looks exactly like me :)
She was awake, kicking me with all her strength....
on the right side of her face, the umbilical cord is there, and you can't see in the pic, but she was grasping the umbilical cord in her hand :)

Oh yeah, I'm 24 weeks, 5 days :)

3d ultrasound!Collapse )
Sunday, March 28th, 2004
7:49 pm
My husband Danny told me today (but I had a feeling about this anyway), "honey I'm excited and worried at the same time about Dominique (our soon to be daughter)." Then we talked, and he'd like me to ask you all if your husbands/boyfriends/partners/etc. told you they're worried too, if they'd be good fathers or not, and if they'd what he says, "break her/him." He's worried about not putting on a diaper correctly, stuff like that.. but also if she'd like him even.
I bought him a baby doll that came with a baby doll diaper. The doll is all plastic, and you can wash her. So now he can hold her, and "practice" with a baby....

How can I help him feel more comfortable? He's very happy and excited about her and all that.. he's just worried that he won't be good enough for her.
( I told him that I'm sure she'll adore him and love him....).

I dont know how to help him (I'm not a mommy yet myself...).. and I really want to.. so he's not as nervous and worried....

Friday, January 16th, 2004
5:03 pm
Just... wow.
So my dad is visiting. We went to the mall today, and I decided to make my neice a teddy bear at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. She's five and told Dad last week, after looking at a picture of me, that she misses me. Of course, I got all misty-eyed. So I got her a teddy bear named Uncle Jeremy that she can hug if she misses me. I told him that when I got done with it, and he just looked at me for a while. Then, to my -extreme- shock, he said, "You should look into adopting a kid. You'd make a great dad again." I almost started crying right there in the middle of the mall. I can't believe how good it made my feel that my father thinks that I'd be a great parent.

Of course, I stopped myself from crying by telling him exactly why I can't. But still. Wow.

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, January 10th, 2004
7:43 am
Car seats and accidents
Yesterday, coming home from a lovely afternoon at the mall spent with Great Grandma and Grandpa and a Great Aunt, my 4 month old was in her first car accident.

There were many lights and sirens, 2 ambulances, 1 fire truck and a police car. One very hysterical baby and one extremely hysterical Mommy. The police just sent Mommy on in the ambulance with baby to some hospital no one had a clue where it was. The closest was no longer accepting ambulance calls, thanks to the rain and the tons of accidents.

Thank god, thank god, thank GOD no one was seriously hurt. The baby is absolutely fine, and charmed everyone in the ER. I'm sure she'll be sore today, but thank god, thank GOD! I went to a car seat installation certified police officer in CA and learned how to put it in my car.

Please, please, please, to all parents out there: Double check your car seat and booster seat installation with an expert. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Web site lists child safety seat inspection stations by zip code so you can find help near you. There's also a wonderful artical at Babycenter.com about car seats. If you have leather seats you MUST use a rubber shelf liner (can be found at any grocery store) to prevent the base of the seat from slipping around. Also, the NHTSA mandates that after you are in an accident, Your car seat MUST be replaced. Even if it looks like there's no damage. Even if it's a fender bender. The accident could have caused internal structural weaknesses in the seat.

I carry too precious of a cargo to take chances. Thank god for our Graco car seat. And thank god no one was seriously hurt.

Current Mood: thankful
Thursday, October 30th, 2003
6:43 pm
Baby walking
Hi, folks. Hannah, now 14 months old (as of yesterday) is still not walking without help. Today, I offered my hand, and she took it, and we walked around the house together for a few minutes. (That was really cool, as today was the first time she was even remotely steady when we tried that.) I did notice that, while her right foot seems to be getting the knack of things just fine, she seems to be taking shorter strides with her left foot, and her left foot seems to be turned at an angle while she walks. Is this something that should be troubling me, or a normal baby thing?

Paranoid first-time mom ;-)

Current Mood: worried
Monday, July 14th, 2003
2:57 pm
Baby Daddy Drama???
Hi everyone! Please check out the new community for moms who have issues with their kids' dads mybabydaddy. I started this community for moms to get support and advice, or just to vent about their situation. All moms with baby daddy problems are welcome, whether he's your husband, boyfriend, ex, or one night stand. So come join!
Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
9:25 am
parenting methodologies
well it is our son's 2 month birthday today, so I thought I would take a moment to post to this journal lessons I have learned to date about two famous conflicting parenting methodologies. This might come in handy for new parents or parents to be.

there are a lot of books on the market that will give you many differing parenting tips. My advice is to avoid the book On Becoming Baby Wise (by Gary Ezzo). This book has been shown to be very dangerous to babies, especially for those babies who are being breastfed. Basically this book condones feeding on demand and instead tells you to adapt your baby to a schedule of feeding every three hours. If the baby doesn't eat, then wait another three hours until the next feeding. This will stop the baby from "manipulating the parents" which is supposedly what happens when you feed your baby on demand.

the reason I believe this is dangerous is because babies are not cunning, manipulative young men and women who are trying to con their parents out of more food. Rather, they are simply hungry babies who, having had "food on demand" in the womb for 9 months, are now in a totally unfamiliar place. If they need to feed or to suckle to adjust to their new world, then that is what I believe is most important.

here is where my experience comes in - we have breastfed our baby on demand for the past 2 months, and he has worked himself into a schedule without any help from the book. At this point he is sleeping through the night (for seven hours or more) for the most part, but for a brief feeding about halfway through - he'll get up, feed for 10 or 15 minutes, and go back to sleep himself for the remainder of the night - such a short feeding really doesn't wake up my wife very much and she gets up the next morning well rested. We never had to withhold food from him to do this.

if you're at all interested in the debate against scheduling feedings and why it is potentially dangerous, there is lots of different advice to be gleaned online - I don't want to go on TOO long about it. Also, if these methods work or have worked for people, then that is great! But I do caution new or potential parents to be careful when using this book while breastfeeding, especially during the infant stage. Breastfed infants cannot conform to a 3 hour feeding schedule - they need more, at least at first.

one book that I DID find helpful was The Baby Book by William and Martha Sears. This book promotes Attachment Parenting, where you basically spoil your baby for the first months/years of its life. It is of course the opposite extreme from Ezzo's colder and more detached method. The problem that I find with The Baby Book is if you try to follow this book to the letter, you're bound to fail. Their method swings so drastically in the opposite direction from Ezzo's book that if you take it as gospel, you will perhaps feel that you are a bad parent - read their description of how you should deliver your baby for an example of this. However, there is much good advice to be gleaned from this book. For example, they recommended "wearing your baby". Well, we bought a baby sling (not that particular one; we got ours for $30 at our local Target), and I must say it is the best $30 we have spent on our baby so far. When he goes in there, it's like he's cuddled in the womb again, and he goes straight to sleep. We've taken him everywhere in that - the mall, the library, to church - and he's been a doll (for the most part) the whole time. If he starts fussing, moving around or swinging him gently will do the trick.

it just seems to me that the Attachment Parenting method is a very natural method. Plus, we feel good at the end of the day having played with our baby, napped with the baby, and generally been there to serve our baby's every need. When he gets older, will he be a spoiled kid because of our actions? That remains to be seen, but I do not believe so. Attachment Parenting proponents say that by being there for your baby's needs at birth, when they are older they will have a strong foundation with which to become more independent little people.

so those are my thoughts for now - I hope I have not rambled on too much. Also, if I have stepped on any toes during my spiel, I do apologize. I do not mean to say that the methods we have used are right, and that the methods anyone else uses are wrong. These are simply methods that have worked for us personally.
Monday, June 9th, 2003
10:06 am
Food transitions
My daughter is nine months old, and very petite for her age (10th-25th percentile for both height and weight), but growing steadily. She's done a tiny bit of crawling, but seems to prefer rolling as her primary form of locomotion; she has two teeth.

What I'm wondering is whether it's time to start transitioning her to stage three foods. We tried some yesterday, and she ate a little, but rejected the rest, even though she was definitely hungry. We tried having some cereal flavored with some of the stage two stuff that she liked as an alternate, but eventually she just wouldn't open her mout at all, even for that. This morning, I went back to stage two foods, and she ate like a champ. We're trying to start shifting her to table foods, slowly but surely, but I don't want to push it too far. Any advise? I want her to be able to eat "big girl" foods eventually, but my instincts are telling me that I'd really rather she eat, which she didn't seem to want to do with the stage three foods. I'd appreciate any insight from more experienced parents.

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
7:57 pm
I've cut it to spare people who don't want to be spammed, but I was e-mailed a copy of an essay about raising children, by Anna Quindlen. As it got me all misty, I thought I'd share it. Please excuse the formatting. I was lazy and didn't want to fix all the line breaks. ;-)

The essayCollapse )

Crossposted to parentsrus and worldadopt

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Thursday, May 8th, 2003
6:26 am
I need help with night time potty training
I could use some help with some nighttime potty training issues.

My son is 4, and we started night traiining him almost two months ago. At first he did pretty well, he woke up dry 6 out of 7 nights a week.

For the past two weeks he has woken up wet every day. I don't think there are any new stresses in his life, I think he is just too tired to wake up, and has learned how to sleep in a wet bed.

I've been told I should cut back onhis fluids but that is very difficult for me to do. I am a working mom, and I often don't get home til 6:30, and often I have to start giving him dinner at that time. And then there's desert, and a drink of water when he brushes his teeth. I'm trying to cut him off at 7:00, but even that is difficult.

I had a tough time persuading him to give up the nighttime diapers at 4 years of age, but now he seems used to is. I hate to think of going back to diapers and having to persuade him again next year to try giving them up. I hate to think I might be teaching him bad habits by letting him stay in diapers too long. But I also hate to think of him sleeping in a wet bed.

What should I do?
Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
11:22 pm
I created a new community!!!!
minnesota_moms it's for mom's or dad's or soon to be mom's and dad's in minnesota
9:22 am
My apologies to the folks who will get this multiple times, but I figured that cross-posting would be the simplest way to see that everyone saw this. :)

I've been working on Hannah's web page (it's weird--we call her Hannah Rose, but she ends up being "Hannah" in text), and have enough of it to show pictures. The "adoption trip" section will be a little longer in coming, as it involves a little more thinking than I can manage. There are also, of course, more pictures, from Moscow and such, but those will show up as I get the time and inclination to deal with them.

Anyway, go to http://mywebpages.comcast.net/hannah_rose/ for the goods.

Hannah's first doctor's appointment is very soon, and we're hoping she'll be her usual chipper self, especially since she and I have been up since 4:30. We are anticipating vaccinations, though, so we'll have to see how it goes.

(Cross-posted to personal journal, worldadopt, and parentsrus. Sorry for those who belong to more than one! At least it's short!)
Saturday, March 1st, 2003
6:51 am
New family member
Hi, folks! Just wanted to mention that my husband and I got back yesterday from the Republic of Georgia (with a side trip in Moscow to process paperwork) with our new daughter, Hannah. She's six months old almost exactly, as she was born August 29. She's beautiful and healthy, and an incredibly mellow baby; her foster mother was just incredible. Barring a little panic when she got hit by a barrage of flash photography and excited people at the airport (which was about three AM by her clock--I was just impressed that she woke up), she's done incredibly well. The trip was almost two weeks, which was somewhat longer than anticipated.

Should folks want them, I'd be happy to provide more details of the trip (as well as pictures!) once I'm a little less jet-lagged.

(Cross-posted to the worldadopt and parentsrus communities.)
Sunday, February 16th, 2003
10:02 pm
Im New
Hello I'm new here. I'm 22, happily married with two wonderful children. Bryan who is 5 months and Kennedi Caye who is 3 yrs. We are originally from the states but now live in England through the military.

Pictures at: www.picturetrail.com/blackberrycottage

Come join a wonderful mom and kids group!
Monday, February 10th, 2003
1:46 pm
Packing ...
Hello, ladies and gents:

I am beginning to work on putting together a bag for myself to bring to the hospital when the time comes. I've done reading about it but wanted your own input on what one really should bring that one doesn't read/hear about normally.

For example, someone recommended I bring my own brand of tp since the one the hospital offers isn't ... how shall we say it ... the softest or nicest brand. I think that's a great idea. What do you recommend I pack for L&D? :) Thanks.

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, February 5th, 2003
2:36 pm
Because technocowboy told me to ...
... and this is probably the first and last time I will do what he does tell me to ;)

I'm down to 6 weeks before I'm due and our nursery is done. My husband (who is simply amazing, incredible, [insert other exceptional adjectives here]) designed the room, drew and painted the murals and implemented it in general. He rocks. So, as recommended, here's The Nursery.
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